About Us

For the Love of Go will organize, direct, and promote opportunities for families and individuals to make small steps in setting and reaching fitness goals. Through community events and weekly fitness activities, this corporation’s goal is to encourage people to get off the couch.  This concerted effort will result in reducing the obesity rate in our county — or anywhere.

Focus will be placed on finding ways to encourage participation from all socio-economic levels and all age-levels by reducing the entry fees through donations and by providing free opportunities for consistent fitness activities


Who We Are

For the Love of Go is a 501(c)3 public charity.  Formed by a small group of parents committed to encouraging one another and others, our commitment is to cultivate healthier lifestyles through organizing, directing, and promoting healthy activities designed for families and individuals to set and reach fitness goals by simply getting off the couch. For the Love of Go finds ways to teach families and individuals how easy it is to add simple and healthy activities to daily life.

What We Do

Hays County Community Health Needs Assessment Report, January 2013 (prepared on behalf of the Seton Healthcare Family and the CommuniCare Health Center of Central Texas), pages 14-16 shows respondents are looking for wellness programs at the neighborhood level. Respondents see an overall need for a shift in the culture – healthy lifestyles are identified as priority in regards to obesity. Further, the percentage of Hays County residents who are inactive is worse than the national benchmark.

Review of PE offerings at elementary schools in the area show a marked decrease in physical activity. Many schools have PE twice a week and a recess of less than 20 minutes. An article by the Austin American Statesman (http://www.statesman.com/news/news/local-education/hays-district-tip-scales-with-39-percent-of-studen/nRn62/) discusses a study by Children’s Optimal Health (2010-2011) that shows 39 percent of Hays students in 3rd to 12th grade who participated in the study were overweight. The ramifications of this are astounding to For the Love of Go as we learn of children battling diabetes, fatigue, and constant health problems; all resulting in lost days of instruction at school.

For the Love of Go looks for ways to reach out to families and individuals to engage in conversations about being healthier through diet and exercise. We partner with schools, businesses, media outlets, and non-profits to share information with our communities about healthy living opportunities. Entities include Marathon Kids, H-E-B, neighborhood associations, elementary schools, middle schools, and businesses promoting fitness, and will eventually also include entities with a focus on healthy eating. We envision a holistic approach to healthier families – nutrition and exercise, coupled with community support. We aim to strive for a reduction in statistics that show our communities are rife with obesity. We do this through Family Fitness Club and Race Organizing, specifically.

When We Go

Family Fitness Club, led by one or two parents, provides a weekly, planned workout for families and individuals, at no cost. Race organizing, adhering to an annual schedule that spreads events out over an entire year, means an event has the potential to be more successful and will continue for years to come. Both of these mean For the Love of Go is encouraging families to be healthier by participating in consistent activities, setting fitness goals and helping them reach their goals.

Family Fitness Club

Negley Fitness Club was developed and implemented in September 2012 by Jennifer Crosby to help bridge family, fun and school fitness participation. The club was designed to provide a free opportunity for families to be active together and to provide at least one set time a week for working toward the Marathon Kids program. Quickly, the name was changed to Family Fitness Club to match the invitation – all are welcome, no matter where, or if, you go to school! The club is open to all ages with a focus on full family participation in free weekly workouts. Participants are encouraged to attend whenever they are able – no set number of sessions, or age limits are required. Sessions include an approximate 1 to 3 mile distance workout, simple stretching before and after the workout, and a healthy snack. Each week, concepts are added that include strength training with body weight, further distances, water and food nutrition challenges, and goal setting. Concepts and basic objectives include:

  • safety
  • endurance
  • sprinting
  • interval training
  • pacing
  • refueling
  • partner running
  • circuit and hill training
  • team work
  • road racing
  • tracking mileage
  • observing healthy eating
  • water consumption

Currently, Family Fitness Club meets every Wednesday night with breaks in the summer. Financial support for cones, running lights, and safety vests, cost approximately $100 per year and was provided by the school’s Parent Teacher Association in the past, but will be provided by FTLOG in the future. Sessions occurred in the school parking lot except during inclement weather when the school allowed the use of the indoor gym. FTLOG will move Family Fitness Club (renamed to Community Fitness) to another location for 2016-17. Currently at the end of its fourth year, Family Fitness Club has consistently had at least 25 participants and as many as 45.

For the Love of Go will implement and expand this already thriving fitness club to other area local schools using this same model.  For the Love of Go will reach out to all areas of the community, all ages, all backgrounds, and all fitness levels, and is confident we will see continued growth.

Race Organizing

For the Love of Go has developed and implemented planning materials for community racing events in the Hays county area. Upon special request, For the Love of Go has provided consulting services to race organizers both inside and outside of Hays County. In exchange for providing services, For the Love of Go requests race organizers do 3 things:  allow For the Love of Go to use up to 6 race entries for marketing (silent auctions, drawings), place a For the Love of Go logo on the back of the shirts, and make a donation back to For the Love of Go.  Note, the donation amount is at the discretion of the hosting organization and is requested to allow for continued safe event production.  For the Love of Go uses the donations to purchase items such as safety vests, cones, and flashlights for Fitness Club, Walk Groups, and Fitness Events.  Suggested donation is $1 per participant, 10% of race proceeds, or combination of both.

For the Love of Go serves as the race management team and works to find ways to reduce the per runner cost to produce a race and uses the savings to offer discounted rates, upon request, to families in need and individuals in need on teams. For the Love of Go also seeks out local businesses to participate in teams to show community support of healthy activities in the community. For the Love of Go brings years of industry knowledge and looks to produce events that encourage continued participation from all ages.  Utilizing proper planning methodologies and facilitating a professional event means the event will continue for years to come. Consistent, safe, family-friendly events offered year round equate to regular opportunities for families and individuals to come together in a celebratory environment. Celebratory environments motivate participants to constantly challenge themselves to further fitness goals.

Organizations seeking For the Love of Go’s assistance should review our list of what the organization is responsible for providing and what For the Love of Go can supplement and contact us at fortheloveofgo@gmail.com.  Special note: For the Love of Go works solely with Athlete Guild for timing events as this allows participants to track results across all of our races.

Our efforts thus far have successfully organized, directed, or consulted on the following events:

  • Run for the Love of It 5K and Kids Dash – http://theconnectionchurch.org/run-for-the-love-of-it
  • Amadeo’s Army Virtual Run 5K – https://runsignup.com/Race/TX/Anywhere/MakeAMuscleMiniMarathon
  • Negley 5K/3K/1K- http://negley.my-pta.org/content.asp?PageID=23
  • Harper VFD Stampede 10K and Half – www.tinyurl.com/stampede2014
  • Front Porch Days 10K/5K/3K/1K- http://frontporchdays.com/fpdraces.html
  • Popsicle Run 4 Miler – http://tinyurl.com/2014popsiclerun
  • Hootenanny on the Hill 10K/5K/3K/1K – http://hootenannyonthehill.com
  • Lehman High School Mariachi Run 5K/10K – will be listed on hayscisd.net
  • Simon Middle School Band Play it Forward Walk-a-thon – will be listed on hayscisd.net
  • Negley Elementary Walk-a-thon – will be listed on hayscisd.net
  • Kyle-O-Meter Resolution Run – www.kylechamber.com/5k
  • Run for the Love of it 5K and Kids Dash

For a full list of events and details, go to the calendar tab of this web page.

Additional information can be found on our Facebook page. (facebook.com/fortheloveofgo)

Our board members are Jennifer Crosby, President; Leata Brumbly, Vice President; Anyce LaBouliere, Secretary and Treasurer; Kimberlie Ballard; Hege Phillips; Pauline Villegas; Mary Halenza; Angela Gilbert; Melissa Corona; Marcy May.  Board members may be contacted at fortheloveofgo@gmail.com

According to the Internal Revenue Code, For the Love of Go qualifies as a 501(c)3 exempt organization because it is organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes, (pertaining to health and wellness) and to foster local amateur sports competition (running or walking in races organized by this corporation).





Alternative Fundraising

What if, instead of asking people to buy wrapping paper or cookie dough to help your child’s organization fill a funding gap, you and your child took a walk together? What if, instead of getting 40% of the proceeds from your work to raise funds, your organization could receive up to 90%? We can help you make that happen! For the Love of Go specializes in calling people to get off the couch and get moving to support community health and to make a difference in how we work together. Children can play a vital role in helping to raise funds for their organizations, without going door to door. Parents can invite friends from all over the world to participate in an event that actively supports your organization.

Why Fundraise With Us

Children who are involved in an effort to raise money learn essential life skills including: (1) how to work with a team, (2) how to market, (3) how make connections between work and the results of work, and (4) how to have fun along the way. For the Love of Go has several options that can help get your organization started or we can help you develop your own ideas. With more than 15 years of combined fitness and marketing experience, you will have tools and support to help you and your organization bring in more profit with less product handling. For the Love of Go will guide, direct, and help promote your fundraiser no matter your chosen fundraising option.

Fundraising Options

For the Love of Go specializes in three types of fundraising options: (1) live race event, (2) virtual race event, and (3) pledge fitness event. Depending on your organization’s goals and fundraising needs, we will help you choose the right one for you. Live Race Event. This fundraiser requires lots of work and forethought, but is the most fun. If your organization and community are able to support an event like this, we believe it would be the most profitable option. The registrant fees pay the cost of the event, so your profit comes from the sponsors you bring in. Virtual Race Event. This fundraiser requires very little overhead. Participants pay a fee that will cover the cost of race memorabilia (medal or special trinket) and complete the race distance on their own time, in their own location. Your organization can keep it simple by (1) sending all registered participants the race memorabilia as the participants register or (2) requiring participants to post a photo of a GPS watch showing distance completed or a photo of the participant as they are completing the race distance. Additionally, you can hold a live event for those who want to walk or run all together to create an actual live race but would be considered a “race/walk meet up”. Pledge Fitness Event. The options here are endless with this fundraiser! People and businesses can pledge a per-mile donation for the participants as a whole, as individuals, or for a myriad of activities. Walking, jogging, riding a bike, various fitness challenges, running, and more, can all be set up as pledge-driven fundraisers. Your Organization’s Ideas. Our fundraising specialties are just a few ideas. We would love to hear your ideas and help put them into action. The sky is the limit on this one.

Business and Organization Involvement

Fitness events provide numerous opportunities for sponsors and marketing for all levels of businesses and organizations.  While For the Love of Go does not collect sponsorships on behalf of hosting organizations, we do like to show upcoming events so businesses and organizations can make decisions about how to support community events.  Below are listed upcoming events and approximate participants who would see marketing materials in race packets, signs along the course, or tables set up near the finish line.  Each hosting organization has its own sponsorship levels, businesses and organizations should contact each one.   Businesses might chose to show support of all For the Love of Go activities, contact us for ideas about that!

Front Porch Days 1k/3k/5k/10k – Kyle, Tx – May 3 (350)
Hays Rebel Run 5K – Mountain City, Tx – May 31 (100)
Popsicle Run and Camp Gladiator Challenge – Kyle, Tx – July 4 (350)
Hornet Races 5K and Kids Dash – Buda, Tx – Sept 12 (200)
St.Mary’s 5K – Lockhart, Tx – Oct 3 (150)
Hootenanny on the Hill 1k/3k/5k/10k – Kyle, Tx – Oct 11 (450)
Grace Race 5k/10k/Bike Ride – Lockhart, Tx – Nov 14 (200)

Tutus and Tennies 5K – Buda, Tx – January 30 (350)
Run for the Love of It 5K – Buda, Tx – Feb 13 (350)
Negley 1k/3k/5k – Kyle, Tx – March 5 (550)

Contact Us Today

We would love to work with you and hear any other ideas you may have. We can’t wait to hear from you and start planning your fundraiser! Please contact Jennifer Crosby at fortheloveofgo@gmail.com , to set up an in-person meeting, a phone call, or a time to Facebook chat. For the Love of Go, let’s get this started!