Color versus Boring 5K

Since June 2007, my husband, son, and I have competed in a 5K or 10K every month.  The first couple of years, we had to really hunt to find a race that met our budget (3 entry fees), our schedule (we didn’t want to miss family events) and our travel distance limitations (about a 90 minute drive was our max for a race day morning).  Some months, we really struggled to find one that met all three of our basic criteria!

We still use this same criteria today, over 7 years later.  While the options have increased, we still look at our calendar, our pocketbook, and our map to see which one we’ll do next.  What drives us to participate is finding a match on all three.

I recently read two articles – one a sponsored post about an upcoming color run and one post about the fun of a 5K.

As a runner and race director , I cheered when I read the latter – don’t feel like you have to keep working your way up from a 5K to a longer distance if you are not so inclined – just run your own race.

As a runner and race director, I winced and bristled when I read the former – this race is “at the opposite end of the spectrum from your standard, boring 5k.”

Why is a standard 5k considered boring?  I can’t think of a single race I have done since 2007 that was boring.  Whether it’s competition with yourself or a resolve you make to finish for a good cause, you bring the excitement!

I honestly have nothing against the extras – we even added extras to the Popsicle Run on July 4, 2014.  We gave the option of being sprayed with color, or not.  It was the same course, but the participant decided whether to go through the color or not.  Only a third of the 250+ participants chose to get sprayed with color.  You know what is interesting when I replay that day while pondering this “boring 5K” idea?  Not a single one of the 250+ crossed the finish line with a bored look on their face.  Check out the pictures taken by Moses Leos III of the Hays Free Press.

Photo taken by Moses Leos III, Hays Free Press

So, Jennifer, what’s your point?  My point is this.  There are wacky races, messy races, simple races, and challenging races.  If color on your shirt gets you out there, sign up and do a color run.  If donating money to a cause gets you out there, sign up for a race where the proceeds benefit the cause (Grace Race is coming up!).  If standing on a race course and cheering others on gets you out there, sign up to volunteer (Hootenanny on the Hill is coming up!). Find the one for you – there’s a few listed here and here!

It really doesn’t matter where you go.  For the love of go, get off the couch!


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