I get by with a little help from my (fitness) friends

My mind is spinning this morning – overwhelmed by the group of kids and adults I call friends. Last night, just before Fitness Club, I learned that my dad was not doing well. He had gone in for an outpatient procedure, but experienced complications. There was nothing I could do about it (my sister is the amazing hospital-sitter and was already on her way to be with my mom and I am the worrying pacer who passes out at the mere thought of blood).  I had a full workout planned for Fitness Club and it would be too late to cancel or ask for a sub coach.

As Fitness Club families arrived, I was greeted with hugs and a we’re-all-in-this-together-so-let’s-do-this excitement. What a treasure to be surrounded by a group of people who are compassionate and pull me when I want to just sit and worry!

WHAT A NIGHT! I had promised the kids and adults a Halloween workout and told them to wear white. All participants were divided into 4 teams. Each team received a map with areas of activities circled, a list of activities they would find around the school grounds, and a marker for checking off what they accomplished. This was not a race, but they were encouraged to go through each activity quickly so they would have time to hit all 11 stations.  Thank you to Hege for coming early and helping me set up!

The first stop was to run down, one at a time, and grab three glow necklaces, break them to start the glow, put them on, and then race back so their next team member could go. Glow sticks were graciously donated and delivered by Marisa Coon of Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union.

Teams (made up of one adult and 3 to 4 kids, not from the same family, when possible) were allowed to set their own courses and took off in different directions. I am thankful for parents who let me assign leadership roles without asking first: Kate, Melissa, Annette, and Patrick!

Off they went to the Sandbag Toss (8 lb), Sandbag Carry (10 lb), Sandbag Slam (6 lb), Jump rope, and Elastic Bands (15 to 30 lb resistance). The equipment for these activities were all made possible by a grant from Pedernales Electric Company.

Homemade activities included crawling through a giant spider web and “losing” appendages during the zombie relay. We had a Pumpkin Sweep station – thanks to Kyle United Methodist Church and the Claes family who donated AND delivered 4 out-of-this-world pumpkins!

Thank you to Annette Yanez for taking this picture!

Thank you to Annette Yanez for taking this picture!

And last, the favorite activity of all – Goblin Gobble. I grabbed a bag of jumbo marshmallows (those things are huge) and each team member had to eat one as quickly as possible (without choking). We don’t do sugar snacks at Fitness Club and the only sweets we have are fruit, so the gang was AMAZED that Coach Jennifer would put that in the mix. I felt like a giant marshmallow was earned by all the full-on sweaty activities they did before that station. One parent said, “Burpees and marshmallows? This is the best Fitness Club yet!” We did follow it up with a mandarin orange thanks to Edgar!

Our youngest participant was very happy to see we were having mandarins!

Our youngest participant was very happy to see we were having mandarins! Photo by Hege Phillips

Thank you to the parents and kids for helping me pick everything up and get it all back into my car!


Thank you to Hege Phillips for taking photos!

I have the best group of friends in the world – you should come meet them some Wednesday night at 6:45 at the side lot of Negley Elementary in Kyle, Texas.

P.S. When I checked my phone after Fitness Club, Dad was in a CT scan that revealed the need for an emergency surgery. He was in ICU overnight and, at this writing, I don’t have an update yet. I do continue to covet your prayers for my family.

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