Virtual Community Fitness Club Notes

On Sundays, beginning January 1, 2017, we’ll post a workout at
Here are some notes about what we’ll be posting and how to accomplish it!
First step – find a spot where you can measure out a lap or a mile. Negley Elementary side lot – 6 laps is about a mile; Kyle Elementary back lot – 4 laps is about a mile; Barton or Wallace Middle School tracks – 4 laps is a mile. In your neighborhood, you might find a block (please watch for traffic) small enough to give you a lap that can be repeated (Haupt/Hartson/Fergus/Fairway in Plum Creek is an example). It might not be exact, but if you see a workout calling for 4 laps – count that as a mile; 6 laps – count that as 1.5 miles, etc. If you see a workout with “ins/outs” visualize 4 sides to your block or lap so you can do the workout. Or, mark with sidewalk chalk 1/4 mile if all you have is a straightaway. Don’t let this step hang you up. If you’ve got a park near where you live, find a walking route that will work for you and get started. Even if all you do is walk for 15 minutes in the beginning, you will be off the couch!
Next step – set an alarm on your phone, calendar, with a friend! Create an accountability connection for yourself. Do you need to write it down? Do you need someone to call you? We suggest picking a set time each week you will do the workout.
Final step – get off the couch! If you don’t understand the workout, or you forgot what the video looked like for how to do a certain exercise, do something you know how to do in it’s place. If it says push ups and getting down on the ground is difficult – do wall push ups! If it says do jumping jacks and that causes issues, do arm circles or alternate bringing your knee to your elbow and march in place. You might find you can do more (do the workout twice, or three times, or add weights)! Just get off the couch and do it!
If you get stuck – message us through our Facebook page or email us ( We guarantee you we will be nothing but encouraging and welcoming — you have nothing to fear. We are all in this together – building a healthier community! 

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